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Coggin’s Test In Houston, Tx

Protect your equine companion with the essential Coggin’s Test at CAWLM.

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Equine infectious anemia (EIA) is a viral disease caused by the equine infectious anemia virus. The virus infects white blood cells and plasma, often increasing during times of stress. Symptoms often include fever, a decrease in platelets (thrombocytopenia), lethargy, decrease in appetite, swelling of limbs (edema), jaundice, and sudden death. Infected horses can also be asymptomatic or show no signs of disease. EIA-positive horses that survive the infection become lifelong carriers that can transmit the virus to other horses.

There is currently no vaccine and no known treatment for EIA. The only way to diagnose if a horse is a carrier is by performing a Coggin’s test, which measures the presence of EIA antibodies. A negative Coggins test, dated within the last 6-12 months, is often required when a horse is transported across states. Some states also require a negative Coggin’s test when a horse is sold, traded, or donated.

With our mobile service, one of our skilled veterinarians will personally visit you and your horse in the comfort and familiarity of your own barn or stable, to obtain the necessary samples and submit the tests on your behalf.