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End Of Life Care In Houston, Tx

See below to learn more about our pet end-of-life care & cremation.

By controlling discomfort, taking care of dietary requirements, and making sure the pet is at ease at home, palliative and end-of-life care can prevent a pet’s suffering. A palliative care consultation will be helpful for your pet if they have any of the following conditions: cognitive dysfunction/dementia, respiratory disease, urinary tract disease, mobility challenges, osteoarthritis, cancer, gastrointestinal disease, or intervertebral disc disease.

End of Life Pet Care

It can be challenging to determine the right time for your pet to transition, which we believe varies greatly depending on individual household. Our team is here to make sure you have access to all the data and tools you require for making decisions. We provide quality-of-life examinations to evaluate the general comfort and happiness of your pet and to address any worries or inquiries you may have. We pledge to do everything in our power to make it easier on you and your pet since we don’t want you to experience pet loss alone.

Every pet owner eventually has to make that difficult choice, and our team is here to assist you in determining when euthanasia is the best course of action. We want to make this process as simple, pleasant, and quiet as we can for you. You are not alone. At Complete Animal Wellness and Longevity Medispa, we provide options for cremation services; alternatively, your pet may be carried home for burial.