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Grooming In Houston, Tx

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Pet Grooming

We would like to take this chance to extend a warm welcome to the CAWLM’s grooming service to you, your family, and any special family member’s. Your cherished pet’s welfare, health, and beauty are all taken care of by our skilled and experienced groomers. Many pet owners are unaware that our team’s standard full-grooming includes an external assessment, a consultation with the owner, nail cutting and filing, ear cleaning, washing, conditioning treatment, and style.

We enjoy watching our customers’ faces light up when they take their pet’s home feeling clean, comfy, and fashionable. We are equally happy to know that we are contributing to the strength and endurance of that unique bond, though.

Only dogs and cats are groomed by CAWLM’s compassionate staff. As long as the pet’s coat, personality, and medical condition allow for it, we can carry out any special style that the pet parent requests, provided that it is appropriate for the pet.

Call us right away, and we’ll make your day!

Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Drop-off times are scheduled by the groomer Monday through Saturday in the AM or PM.

All animals must provide documentation of current rabies, distemper (and Bordetella for dogs), and canine influenza immunization. Your pet’s grooming appointment might need to be rescheduled if the rabies certificate is not presented.